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Analog KVM Switches

Analog KVM

Secure, battle-tested analog KVM switches that give you the power to access and control servers and other network devices in your data center or server room.

Paragon® II is an enterprise-class Cat5 analog KVM switch that allows up to 64 users to control hundreds of servers.   Paragon II supports Common Access Card (CAC), SIPRNet hardware tokens and 90meter middleware for secure government remote access and control.

The most economical KVM switch Raritan offers, MasterConsole CAT allows one or two users to control up to 256 servers. Perfect for midsize data centers.

Integrated, 1U devices that manage servers in data centers, server rooms and other space critical environments directly from the racks in which they are installed.

The expreZo™ EZswitch is an easy-to-install, hot-pluggable KVM switch for small and medium businesses that require remote rebooting or troubleshooting of computers.

An affordable, multiplatform, single-user KVM switch, available in models for two, four and eight computers, expandable to control up to 64 computers.  

This "switchless" KVM solution for small and midsize data centers lets a single user manage up to 64 PS/2, Sun or USB servers.

Raritan's Cat5 Reach KVM extender stretches remote access to multiple servers from a KVM switch up to 1,000 feet away.

Analog Kvm Switches