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Industrial Computing

Industrial Computing

Industrial-Grade Rugged Designs

  • Suitable for Harsh Environments
  • Certified Industrial Quality
  • Reliable, Rugged Quality

Innovative Technology

  • Thermal Optimization
  • Vibration & Shock Protection
  • Certified ECDIS Engineering

Focus Markets

  • Renewable Energy
  • Power
  • Marine
  • Rail

Rcore: Ready-to-Run Software

The high reliability and stability of Moxa's embedded computers give our customers an edge over the competition. Moxa's Rcore embedded software platform further hones your competitiveness by giving you a faster time to market for your embedded computing packages.

The Rcore Forum

A forum for embedded software engineers

Industrial Computer Customization Service

Let Moxa Design Your Next System

Our Professional Design Service (PDS) can give your company a tailored computing solution that will best fit your technical requirements. If you have a need for which there is no answer, consult with Moxa and let us tell you how we would build it. When we give our commitment, you can be confident that the promised device will arrive in your hands just as described with no details omitted.


Industrial Computing