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MXM Connectors

Qseven - MXM Connectors

Qseven MXM Connectors

Carrier board connectors for Qseven modules

The 90° SMT MXM connectors with 230 contacts and a 0.5mm pitch were originally designed for high end notebook graphics cards. The MXM (Mobile PCI EXpress Module) norm define an interchangeable graphics card module and its mechanical, electrical and thermal interface properties. As MXM connectors are well suited for the transmission of high-speed PCI Express signals, the Qseven Consortium (now part of SGET) had chosen MXM as the standard connector for the connection between Qseven module and baseboard in the Qseven Specification.

Depending on the the type of MXM connector the height of the module stack can be varried, e.g. to achieve an extra-flat configuration or to gain space between the Qseven module and the carrier boards if electronic components must be placed under the module. The SGET Qseven-Specifikation defines the following mounting configuration:


Mxm Connectors